Turkey Invited Singapore to G20

SINGAPORE: The Republic has been invited by G20 president Turkey to participate in the G20 Meetings and the Antalya Summit in 2015, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in a joint press release on Monday (Dec 1).

The Antalya Summit will be the tenth meeting of G20 Heads of State and Government, who will discuss the challenges facing the global economy and the policies to promote strong, sustainable and balanced growth, said the Ministries.

Noting that Singapore and Turkey enjoy excellent relations at the bilateral level and cooperate closely in multilateral fora, the Ministries added that Singapore looks forward to contributing to G20 discussions on global financial reforms, infrastructure investment financing, the multilateral trading system, and small and medium enterprises.

They added that Singapore appreciates Turkey’s efforts to reach out to non-G20 members.

“Singapore looks forward to working closely with Turkey as the 2015 G20 President, other G20 members, and invited partners, to achieve a successful outcome at the Antalya Summit,” said the Ministries.

Source: CNA

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